Kitten Care in the Shelter

In this webinar, the fourth of a five-part series presented in partnership with Royal Canin and hosted by Maddie’s Fund, Dr. Cindi Delany recaps the first three parts of the series and then goes inside the shelter to find out what’s new in the world of kitten care, pathway planning, wellness, and pediatric spay/neuter. She discusses which shelter protocols are impacting flow-through and length-of-stay, which kittens should stay in the shelter and for how long, what you should consider when modernizing your sterilization protocols, and how technology is advancing our shelters by maximizing our efficiency.


  • Dr. Cindi Delany, former shelter veterinarian at Sacramento County Animal Care and Emergency Veterinarian/Chief of Staff/Hospital Director at Yolo County Animal Services, and current webmaster of the Shelter Medicine Portal at the Koret Shelter Medicine Program.

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