Kitten Intake Decisions in Animal Shelters

Found a kitten outside? When is your intervention most helpful and what's the best way to help? Kate and Hannah start off the kitten series with a rousing presentation on kitten intake and "diversion." Dr. Hurley:

  • Articulates the kitten challenge in North America. Specifically, what do kittens need from us and how many kittens need it.
  • Identifies the most successful kitten management strategies and shows how and why those strategies are successful
  • Asks viewers to define their shelter’s kitten philosophy and goals, and to engage their community in their kitten strategy.
The Kitten Lady walks us through her "CASA" method of deciding whether to intervene. Before picking up a kitten, assess its Condition, Age, Situation, and Abilities. Download your own copy of the CASA poster from the link below.


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