We are so pleased to find the high-level of shelter participation in the Million Cat Challenge initiative which, because of our challenger shelters, is leading toward effectively saving millions of cats’ lives.

As we continue to learn about Shelter successes and feats, we plan to highlight them right here, so other shelters can benefit and learn from others who have pioneered the way, implementing one or multiple of five key life-saving strategies.

We encourage you to join the challenge, if you have not already, and to share your stories, challenges and successes … or perhaps the successes of shelters in your community.

Our first Shelter Profile highlights the Stockton Animal Shelter

As hard as shelter staff had been working to change things, some of the greatest challenges were the city’s code system. The ordinances were so old that they reflected an antiquated “catch and kill” mentality. On top of that, Stockton is one of the largest cities to file for bankruptcy in US history (second only to Detroit). Suffice it to say, it’s hard to lower adoption and service fees in a city with a budget crisis that’s under bankruptcy restrictions.