Million Cat Webinars

Have you missed any of our free webinars? Just want to catch them again, or share with someone else?

We've pulled together all the Million Cat webinars right here. All of them include question & answer periods at the end of varying lengths, but we haven't included those in the timings below. Watch... learn.... share!


Spay/Neuter in the COVID Era (1 hour, plus 20 minutes of additional Q&A)
Dr. Julie Levy explains why after years of practicing and advocating Spay/Neuter, she is calling on shelters and rescues to suspend S/N on healthy cats in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. Best Friends Director of National Veterinary Programs Aimee St. Arnaud, Metro ACC Nashville  Medical Director Staci Cannon, Cleveland APL President and CEO Sharon Harvey, and our own Dr. Kate Hurley share their perspectives. (Note: if you did not pre-register for the webinar, simply fill out the form, click the Register button, and you'll instantly gain access to the recording.)


The Cat Superhighway: Creating a Roadmap for #allthecats (47 mins, but worth staying for the Q&A after)
Dr. Hurley discusses the evolution of Return to Field from a strategy to reduce euthanasia in shelters to a practice whose benefits have turned out to extend well beyond the walls of the shelter. Watch now!