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How can we deal with groups that are so anti-Return to Field, they are turning colony managers away from our spay/neuter programs?

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Dec 30, 2015
Dear Million Cat Challenge, How would you suggest dealing with other feline groups that are anti-Return to Field, so much so that they are turning colony managers away from our SNR and/or sterile feral programs? We've been attacked more by one feral group than the public! – Unjustly Accused

Dear Unjustly,

It’s always great to collaborate with other organizations when you share a vision for saving cats. It’s worth finding out what their objections are to SNR and if they are based on unfounded fears.

Reviewing shelter and community data together might help identify the need for an SNR program to save cats. It’s also important to review the SNR program policies to assure they are meeting best practices. Here are two examples on RTF and TNR from the Animal Humane Society to consult.

For example, SNR should be performed as quickly as possible after intake so the cats are not stressed by being in the shelter, are not exposed to infectious diseases in the shelter, and don’t lose their social status among other community cats in their neighborhood.

Dr. Julie Levy