The Million Cat Challenge thanks the ASPCA® for valuing the lives of cats, pursuing the well-being of cats in shelters and communities, and supporting the Million Cat Challenge.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) As the nation’s oldest and largest animal welfare organization, the ASPCA's mission today remains as stated by founder Henry Bergh in 1866: “To provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.”

Founded in New York City on the belief that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans and must be protected under the law, the ASPCA maintains a national presence with programs, partnerships, and grant-making that extend its anti-cruelty mission across the country.

As explained by ASPCA President and CEO Matthew Bershadker, today’s ASPCA is focused on getting pets “out of shelters and keeping them in homes, while increasing the protections of animals under the law. We are helping to shape a society that continuously improves the lives of animals.”

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